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February 1, 2011

College Recruiting e-Newsletter – Choosing the Right School

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Below is the February 2011 free College Recruiting e-Newsletter from  The College Recruiting e-Newsletter is a free monthly publication.  To receive this monthly in your inbox sign up your email today at

This is Jared Montz and you are reading the February 2011 free College Recruiting e-Newsletter by

February 2, 2011 is the initial signing date for Football, Field Hockey, Soccer, Track and Field, Cross Country and Men’s Water Polo.  This is a big day for these high school seniors that are signing national letters of intent to play for their college.  Yes, this is a pinnacle of an athlete’s high school career and a lot of hard work on and off the field goes into getting to this point.

Reaching a high point in your career like signing a letter of intent to play on your dream college doesn’t just happen overnight and today we are going to talk about choosing a college that is right for you.  With so many colleges out there it is not always easy to narrow down colleges that match your interest.

First you need to ask yourself a few questions; Do you want to play your sport professionally after college?  Are you willing to sit the bench for two years before you become a starter?  Do you want to go out of state?  Do you want to go to a big, small or medium size school?   What do you want to study in college?  By taking some time to answer these questions honestly it will help you better understand what it is you want out of your college experience.  Then make sure your answers are matching up with the colleges you are looking at.

For example, if you are not willing to sit the bench for two years before becoming a starter then maybe applying to only large Division I programs is not the best option for you.  If you do not want to attend a small college then do not waste your time trying to get recruited by small colleges.  If you want to be a veterinarian and a college you are looking at doesn’t have your major then scratch them off your list.

So when choosing a school that is right for you make sure you first think about what it is you want out of your college experience before you start contacting college coaches.

Recruiting Articles:
I linked up two interesting recruiting articles, “How the NCAA stays on the Top of the Social Media Game” and “Is College Athletics a Sweatshop” on our blog recently.  I recommend you visit our blog and give them a read.

College Recruiting Hours:
The week of February 21st will be putting on four free College Recruiting Information Hours.  These recruiting educational events will be held at the D1 Sports Training locations in Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee, Greenville, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia.  For dates, times and more information please visit the blog.

This week’s motivational quote is “Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try”.

Remember if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work anything in life is possible.  That includes playing your sport in college!



  1. My son is really having a hard time with this, he cannot decide on what to do.

    Comment by choosing a school — February 18, 2011 @ 4:46 pm

    • Yeah teenagers making decisions is always an issue! Just kidding. What grade is your son in? When you get a chance download our College Recruiting Handbook. It’s free. Then have you son answer the questions on page 5 and 6. By answering honestly he will have a better idea of what he wants out of his school experience and then yall can better define his college search. Please let me know if I can be of any help.

      Comment by Jared Montz — February 18, 2011 @ 6:24 pm

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